The company that owns Bahiamar, INFRATUR, was founded in 1979 by Eddie Villareal to detect  and purchase ocean front land land suitable for a large scale resort and tourism residential community on the West Coast of Mexico. Additional shareholders have joined the Company over the years, providing the needed capital to expand the initial scope of the project. The first parcel was acquired in 1979 and 9 additional contiguous parcels have been acquired by the group.  All of the parcels are registered deeds and comply with Mexican private property  land ownership laws. 

The assemblage now encompasses over 1,100 acres and 6 km of beautiful ocean front property.  Major resort developers and Government officials all agree that this asset is one of the most attractive sites in Mexico to become a significant tourism residential, hotel, golf, tennis and marina resort community.

The Mexican government has validated the development with  permits at the Federal level. An international airport zone is within 15 km of the property and modern roads currently run by the property.  A double lane super highway is to be constructed shortly from Acapulco to Ixtapa.  The new freeway will pass directly by the property entrance of the  contemplated golf course.

The INFRATUR team has developed a comprehensive business and action plan to attract the capital necessary to move the project from concept to development.  The initial phase of that initiative will commence immediately upon funding.

With the global credit markets still impaired, the Shareholders of the Company have determined that a “trade” placement is the most desirable first step in procuring some of the required capital.  Distributions from the “trading” activity will provide funds to enclose the property with 25 kilometers of high quality fencing which was recently permitted by the local township of Petatlan.  In addition, an entrance boulevard which is permitted by the State of Guerrero will be completed. This entry way will commence at the new highway off-ramp and travel through the property to the future sites of the villas and hotels.  Additionally, funds will be used for the Tular Lagoon and Valentin Estuary to clean and prepare them for the marina, slips,  fishing and other water sports activities.  Electrical power and sewage facilities and water treatment plants are also part of the initial development.

 It is estimated that several hundred jobs will be created in the first phase of development. Petatlan has a current unemployment rate exceeding 40%.  Some local work is currently provided to farmers that maintain and harvest the grove of coconut trees on the property.  It is anticipated that additional trees will be added and remain as a feature of the property at full development.

The vision of INFRATUR’s shareholders is to complete the first phase of work that is necessary to attract a world-class J.V. partner.  Once this arrangement is consummated, the additional full development of the property will commence.

Bahiamar has the physical attributes and potential to become a new tourist destination, similar to Cancun or Cabo San Lucas with its extraordinary combination of tropical tourism.  Sports, including deep sea and fresh water fishing, sailing, skiing, scuba diving and wind surfing, in addition to golf, tennis and other sports, will all be offered to both guests and residents.

The President of INFRATUR , Eddie Villa Real, has written numerous books for the Spanish market, with the latest being TURISMO FELIZ on the significance and impact of tourism on the Mexican economy. This funding would bring to fruition a lifetime passion for him and his partners of building a world-class TOURISM RESORT  that will showcase the best of Mexico.